2017 Saturday Volunteer Check-In 3rd Shift


Position: Serving Beer Samples
Shift Time: 6pm to 8pm

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Position: Serving Beer Samples
Third Shift Time: 6pm to 8pm

Please read the following list of guidelines:

  • All volunteers must check in 30 minutes prior to their shift at the volunteer check-in table located in the “Textiles Building” (Red barn next to the Youth Building) at Exposition Gardens. Please look for signs.
  • ALL volunteers are REQUIRED to attend a brief mandatory training before their shift. Volunteer packets can be picked up AFTER your shift. You will need to return to volunteer check-in to receive your bracelet and volunteer packet.
  • Third shift pourers will not receive a volunteer packet.  You are invited to stick around after the event is over to enjoy some pizza and at that time you are allowed to taste the beers available.
  • Prior to serving alcohol to any patron, confirm that they have a wristband.  Anyone asking for a sample without this wristband must be refused and then reported immediately to the crew chief.
  • All beer served must be served in the official sample glass or the official plastic backup cup only.  NO OTHER GLASSES ARE ALLOWED TO BE FILLED.  You will be dismissed if this rule is violated.
  • ALL SAMPLES GIVEN OUT MUST BE PAID FOR BY THE OFFICIAL BEER TICKET ONLY.  You will be dismissed if this rule is violated.  These special tickets will be displayed to you prior to your shift so you know what they look like.  If someone tries to use an unauthorized ticket, or is persistent in free samples, report it immediately to your crew chief.  Take the beer ticket, tear it in half and place it in the proper disposal bucket.  Do not take money for samples.
  • If someone is obtaining several samples and pouring them into a larger glass, please contact your crew chief prior to serving several samples.
  • Due to Peoria County Health Department rules, beer servers are NOT allowed to consume alcoholic beverages while working their shift. As closing time approaches, please do not open any new boxes of beer. Your crew chiefs will provide you with more information on that.
  • As a volunteer for this event, you have the right to refuse service to anyone.  If a customer is too intoxicated or is being obnoxious, report them immediately to the crew chief in yellow, IBF Security in red, or the attending Peoria Police Officers.
  • Do not hand out beer bottles, empty or full, to anyone.
  • Keep your area clean.  Put empty bottles back in the cases.  Contact your crew chief for help.
  • Volunteer packets may be picked up after your shift.

Contact your crew chief (Yellow shirts) with any questions during the event.